The Larks Ascending

The Larks Ascending is a British solo-voice ensemble conducted by Samuel Hayes, specializing in new music by British composers and the composers who influenced them – such as Parry (who wrote the music for “Jerusalem” and “I was Glad”), Britten and Vaughan Williams (who wrote the piece which gave us our name).

The members of The Larks Ascending are committed to making music for the widest possible audience, and to present it in a way that is informed, enthused and exciting.  After all, the collective noun for Larks is an Exaltation.  We feel a strong commitment to education and fun, and this is central to our work.  Don’t just hear of us – come and see us in concert.

  The Larks Ascending

“The Larks Ascending are out of this world”

Roderic Dunnett, Church Times, on the concert in St Mary’s, Walthamstow, 18 September 2008

“Watching [The Larks Ascending] sing, our choir gained invaluable experience and were thoroughly impressed with the quality and professionalism of their performances. The ensemble took obvious delight in singing and this inspired and motivated the choir … in a very productive rehearsal which followed.”

Pupil at King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds, Workshop, 26 June 2008