The Larks Ascending

The Larks Ascending is dedicated to performing new British music in an enjoyable and vibrant way, but we do not restrict ourselves to new music: we also wanted to give space to the luxurious repertoire of the composers who put ‘modern’ British music on the map - Britten, Vaughan Williams, Parry and Stanford to mention but a few - so needed a name that reflected the traditions we stem from as well as our exciting future. This wasn't all: our name had to reflect the fun we have with our music.

The name ‘The Larks Ascending’ is a play on the title of a beautiful solo violin and orchestra work by Ralph Vaughan Williams – a peculiarly British composer whose legacy lies at the heart of what we do.  A ‘lark’ is not only a bird, but also something fun, which is perfect as it reflects our commitment to presenting vocal music in a way that is informed, enthused and exciting.  We’re not just serious about music, we’re serious about sharing it with you!